Westringbrücke opens the door for a pedestrian zone on the main street

Westringbrücke opens the door for a pedestrian zone on the main street
This picture shows the whole traffic problem on the main street.

The completion of the West Ring Bridge this year almost obliges Linz city politics to rethink and restructure the public street space in the center of Urfahr. Local councilor Markus Rabengruber (Greens) takes this belief even further than the recent planning councilor Dietmar Prammer (SP), who, as reported, called for a traffic concept for Urfahr in the OÖN discussion. You shouldn’t just limit yourself to the (urgently necessary) traffic calming on the main street.

This Urfahr participatory traffic concept will be available for the area east and west of the main road. Vice Mayor Martin Hajart (VP) has reserved 50,000 euros for this in the budget for 2024 and 2025. The contract will be awarded to a traffic planning office this year. Business operators should be included in the process. It also requires coordination with the country.

Bundle of measures

Rabengruber takes the same approach, but thinks even bigger. “The new bridge offers a unique opportunity to calm traffic on a large scale in the center of Urfahr.”

With the Nibelungen Bridge, which, as is well known, will have a lane for cyclists as soon as the Westring Bridge is opened, Rabengruber believes that the time has come to provide single lanes for private traffic from Rudolfstrasse to Ferihumerstrasse. This would eliminate a major reason for alternative traffic via Kaarstraße and subsequently via Hauptstraße and Reindlstraße.

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Coming from Wildbergstrasse, only one lane would be necessary for turning left onto the Nibelungen Bridge. According to the Green politician’s considerations, turning onto the main street would no longer be possible from either direction. “This would make the main street a real pedestrian zone.”

With the through-connection solution, Friedrichstrasse would be closed to through traffic. The intersection area between Hauptstrasse and Friedrichstrasse could be improved for pedestrians. “The ramps would then no longer be necessary and would disappear as barriers,” argues Rabengruber in the OÖN interview.

Defuse the bus bay

If there is only one lane available for private traffic from the Nibelungen Bridge in the direction of Hinsenkampplatz, there would be space for a bus lane and a lane for cyclists. With such a measure, the bus stop could also be moved towards the middle of the road and the cycle path could pass behind the bus stop in a “very relaxed and safe manner”. The bus bay has been considered one of the most dangerous places for cyclists for years. For Rabengruber, a meeting area could be created between the AEC and the New Town Hall and the tram stop could be made barrier-free.

“A few balls in the air”

Traffic officer Hajart is also convinced that no stone will be left unturned in terms of traffic in Urfahr. “We have a few balls in the air when it comes to making the main street more attractive, but we have to be careful that not all the balls are on the ground all at once,” Hajart told OÖN. In other words: visions are attractive, but one should not lose one’s sense of reality.

By this he means that just by connecting traffic from Rudolfstrasse to Ferihumerstrasse, Hinsenkampplatz would not be able to be crossed on foot, just as the main street could at most become a meeting zone. “I prefer to look at everything and not spoil anything,” said Hajart. “We need a step-by-step plan that can be implemented.” And it requires coordination with the state.

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