Salto will ask to exempt mosquito repellents from VAT

Salto will ask to exempt mosquito repellents from VAT

The mayor of the department, Andrés Lima, assured that cleaning will also be intensified in different parts of Salto.

Due to the growth of contagion dengue, the mayor of Leap, Andres Lima, announced that they are carrying out different actions to prevent its proliferation, among them is the request to exempt mosquito repellents from taxes.

This week the Minister of Health, Karina Randowarned that a significant growth is expected in dengue cases in the Uruguay. This is due, according to the leader, to the explosion of infections that occurred in neighboring countries – Brazil and Argentina -, so an exponential increase was expected

“There is an explosion of dengue in Argentina and Brazil, and it was expected that in Uruguay exponential growth will begin. You never know because we don’t have a crystal ball, but it was likely. of cases in the country,” said the minister.

On the other hand, he commented that the Vaccine Advisory Commission continues to rule out, for the moment, the possibility of acquiring vaccines against dengue. “We have seen in this last week that the number of cases has been high compared to recent weeks, so we can expect a very significant increase,” Rando added.

The measures of the department of Salto

Departmental media reported that the commune is evaluating different measures to prevent the spread of the virus. In the last hours, the Departmental Emergency Committee It is in permanent session and in constant communication with the health portfolio to evaluate and monitor the health situation in Salto.

Among the measures to be carried out are tours of different neighborhoods in the department with the aim of informing about different prevention measures. On the other hand, “cleaning at different points will be intensified, but we also need the collaboration of the population,” as the mayor explained.

However, one of the most important will be the request for tax exemption for the mosquito repellent, Acorde a Lima, it is necessary to “facilitate access to them, given that the population will surely go out to buy more frequently these days.” The intentions of the agent are the exoneration of the Value Added Tax (VAT) to insecticides.

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