In which departments is there a higher level of unemployment and informality?

In which departments is there a higher level of unemployment and informality?

There are territories with double digits of unemployed workers, while non-registration with social security exceeds half in one district, according to INE data.

The level of unemployment ranges between 13% and 5.2% in the different departments of the country, while the level of informality of workers exceeds 50% in some cases, according to the latest survey of the INE with data from November-January.

One more time, Black river It is the department with the highest unemployment, reaching 13% of its citizens in that condition, while they share second place Rocha and Salto, with 11.7%.

With two digits they follow Paysandu (11.2%), Tacuarembó (11.1%), Thirty-three (10.8%), Artigas (10.2%) and Rivera, 10.1%. Further back they appear Peach (9.6%), Canelones and San José (both with 9%).

Meanwhile, the territory with the lowest level of unemployment is by far Cologne (5.2%), followed by Maldonado (6.4%), Soriano (6.6%), Flowers (6.9%), Montevideo (7%), Long Hill (7.7%), Florida (7.8%) and Lavalleja (8.4%), all of them above the national average, which is 8.6%.

Informality affects more than half of Artigas workers

The bulletin on the Labor Market by geographic area of ​​residence also reflected that Artigas is again the department with the highest number of non-registrations social Security, with 53% of the workers.

Also at high levels are Cerro Largo (44.4%), Tacuarembó (40%), Salto (35.9%), Rivera (34.8%), Treinta y Tres (33.2%) and Soriano (31.9%). %). Further behind are Rocha (28.2%), Lavalleja (27.4%), Río Negro (26.2%), Durazno (25.7%), Canelones (25.1%) and Maldonado (22.9% ).

Meanwhile, below the general average At the national level established by the INE in the last measurement, which is 22.4%, only five departments appear: Florida (21.9%), Flores (20.8%), Colonia (19.9%), San José (19.4%) and Montevideo (13.9%).

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