The National Party is not behind any campaign

The National Party is not behind any campaign

The vice president made it clear that the ruling party is not involved with the accusation of the Frente Amplio pre-candidate.

The vice president Beatriz Argimon assured that “the National Party “is not behind any campaign,” when referring to the complaint of aggression made by a trans woman against the presidential candidate of the Broad Front, Yamandú Orsi.

Argimón assured that “when a political party is accused, it is important to explain and make known with reasons why it is accused and to move forward,” when asked at a press conference about the accusation against the party. former mayor of Canelones, that received the support of the FA, where they warn that there was “an orchestrated campaign.”

The vice president pointed out in this way the statements of the president of the Frente Amplio, Fernando Pereira, who questioned the PN for “tolerating” what he called “the logic of “Romina Celeste”, in reference to the member of that party who promoted the complaint.

“These are moments where one expresses oneself and sometimes one does not take into account how important it is for us to be clear about these aspects in what is also a special year,” said Argimón regarding the elections 2024 and defined: “That has to do with the quality of democracy as well.”

Yamandú Orsi defended himself against the complaint and the Frente Amplio supported him

After the complaint has been formalized in Prosecutor’s Office, Orsi defended himself and maintained that the trans woman who reported him “is confused or they are using her,” stating that there is “a dirty campaign” against her.

“I’m not going to get out of the candidacy,” warned the Broad Front leader, who called to “defend democracy” against what he described as “a political game.”

In fact, Orsi’s campaign manager, Francisco Legnani, He assured that it is an “orchestrated campaign” by denouncing that he detected “1,000 recently created foreign accounts” to interact with the issue on social networks and maintained that they are seeking to “ban” the candidate.

Pereira had spoken along those lines, who assured that the objective of the complaint is “to try to publicly ban one of the party’s most senior candidates.” voting intention.”

Source: Ambito

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