Postal employees stopped false election information in Hallein

Postal employees stopped false election information in Hallein


After the election last Sunday, Alexander Stangassinger (SPÖ) remains the city boss. A Tyrolean company apparently sent the wrong letters due to an internal communication error; around 100 are in circulation, according to media reports.

An attentive postal employee noticed and reported the error. He noticed that more and more election information about a mayoral runoff election in Hallein was arriving at his mail base. These letters are sent to all eligible voters. “Mistakes happen. The people of Hallein already know that there is no runoff election,” said the city boss.

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Already the second election mishap

“We have received information that false election information is in circulation. We expect that around 50 to 100 of these letters are on the way,” said a spokesman for the mayor on Friday. But that has no influence on the election results on March 10th. He doesn’t know exactly where the mistake happened. The Tyrolean company, which acts as a service provider for municipalities, assured the Hallein municipality that Hallein did not cause the error.

This would not incur any costs for the community. With around 15,000 election information that would have been necessary in a runoff election, the 50 to 100 incorrect letters are only a very small proportion. Thankfully, the postal employee was able to hold back the rest of the shipments.

This was the second breakdown in Tennengau. In the municipal council election in Golling, the votes were apparently counted correctly at the Obergäu polling station, but when the data was transmitted, the votes for SPÖ and FPÖ were mixed up and therefore assigned incorrectly, said the newly elected mayor Martin Dietrich (SPÖ) on Thursday. Now two mandates are likely to move from the FPÖ to the SPÖ, which will thus become the strongest party.

  • The OÖN reported: “Very embarrassing”: SPÖ and FPÖ votes swapped in the Salzburg election

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