District hunter master worried: “Forests are not sports grounds”

District hunter master worried: “Forests are not sports grounds”
District hunter master Josef Wiesmayr is stepping down next year.
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The Wels-Land district has 29 hunting areas. Just over 1,000 weidmanns are active on a total area of ​​458 square kilometers.

The kill numbers presented at the most recent district hunters’ day in the Wels town hall indicate a successful hunting season. 4,759 deer, 2,627 pheasants and 613 predatory game were shot. “We have fulfilled the kill plan more than 100 percent”says district hunter master Josef Wiesmayr happily.

No wolf has yet been seen in the hunting areas in the district. “You would almost have to wish for one so that the many recreational athletes would distance themselves more from the areas”he says jokingly.

The animals’ living space is becoming increasingly smaller

Wiesmayr cites the increasingly smaller habitat of game as the greatest challenge facing hunters: “There are more people using nature and the forest is being misused as a sports facility”criticizes the district hunter.

Private property is hardly taken into account anymore. And even after dark or before sunrise, runners and cyclists are out in nature with bright headlamps.

This development worries hunters in the district: “The game is becoming more and more shy – it is there, but not visible”said Wiesmayr. This is also the reason why countless hides are needed so that the required number of kills can be met.

Appeal to recreational athletes

The head of the hunting association appeals to recreational athletes to only use the existing paths: “I would ask people to be considerate of the wildlife and not to wander around wildly. That would be right.”

Wiesmayr, who will complete his term as district hunter master this year and next year, will be replaced by his deputy Alfred Weinbergmair in 2025. All 1,003 hunters (912 men and 91 women) are eligible to vote.

Josef Bernhard from Wels, Heinrich Striegl from Sipbachzell, Franz Kraxberger from Pichl, Ewald Gruber from Eberstalzell, Johann Schrögenauer and Florian Frisch from Gunskirchen, Johann Thallinger and Karl Stockhammer from Weißkirchen and Hubert Mayr from Steinerkirchen received the Golden Fraction for 50 years of hunting.

Johann Haslinger, Johannes Altmanninger, Michael Wimmer and Fabian Schmid from Bad Wimsbach, Christoph Eder from Gunskirchen, Robert Bernhard from Wels and Franz Götzenberger from Krenglbach were honored for their many years of work as hunting horn players.

  • The Wels district group (Wels-Land and Wels-Stadt) includes 27 cooperative hunting areas and five private hunts. The city of Wels is divided into three cooperative hunting areas. The total area of ​​the two districts covers almost 50,000 hectares. The Wels-Land district consists of 7,270 hectares of forest, 33,040 hectares of agriculture, 540 hectares of building land, 2,600 gardens and 540 hectares of water.

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