Pope Francis continues to have health problems: I have not recovered

Pope Francis continues to have health problems: I have not recovered

The Supreme Pontiff needed help to read his words to those present during the audience in the Paul VI Hall of the Vatican.

He Pope Francisco received this Saturday the workers and patients of the pediatric hospital ‘Bambino Gesu’ and greeted family members and children, among them, recently arrived from Ukraine and Gaza for humanitarian reasons. At the beginning of the hearing, she explained that I would not be able to read your message because you continue to have health problems.

It was carried out in the Paul VI Hall at the Vaticanwhere he Supreme Pontiff thanked the doctors, researchers, staff and patients of the hospital that this year celebrates its hundred years as property of the Holy See.

Pope Francis continues to have health problems

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Pope Francis continues to have health problems.

Pope Francis continues to have health problems.


At the beginning of the hearing, Jorge bergoglio held: “I haven’t recovered yet and that’s why I can’t read my message properly.“. In this way, as a result of his cold, he needed the help of Monsignor Ciampanelli, who finished reading his speech.

Then, Pope Francis dedicated himself to greetings, blessing sick children and signing autographs. In his message, he referred to his visits to the pediatric hospital and maintained that it generates mixed feelings: “I feel pain for the suffering of sick children and their parents; but at the same time I feel a great hope seeing everything that is done to cure them.

“Continue with that blessed work. I bless you from the bottom of my heart and pray for you. And you too, please pray for me,” she concluded.

“Life. My story in History”, the new book by Pope Francis

The new book of Franciscotitled “Life. My story in History“, will hit bookstores next March, 19. The work was written by the Pope in collaboration with the Italian journalist Fabio Marchese Ragona. The premiere takes place on the eleventh anniversary of the investiture of Jorge Bergoglio as the first Latin American Pope.

In the book, the Supreme Pontiff recounts his memories and delves into different topics such as his health, his family, a love from his youth and intertwines them with historical events such as the Second World War, the Holocaust, the Cold War, the landing on the Moon in 1969, the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the attacks of September 11, 2001 and the resignation of Benedict XVI in 2013.

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