There is still no news from Kate Middleton and concern about her health is growing

There is still no news from Kate Middleton and concern about her health is growing

As the days go by, confusion and concern increases both in the United Kingdom as in the rest of the world about the status of the princess of Wales, Kate Middleton. After they officially reported that it would be intervened in the London Clinic by a “scheduled” abdominal operation, She was not seen by the press again and in recent weeks there was no news about her condition or whereabouts.

While from the British Royal House does not give new information about its partthere is growing concern and suspicion that Something is not right with the wife of Prince William, successor to the crown.

The most recent information suggests that even some members of his personal service They didn’t know anything about his health.which made the versions that They questioned whether his operation was scheduled.

Although they assure that Kate is recovering and prefers to keep her condition privatethe secrecy around the situation generated a huge stir around the world who begins to distrust official communication and theorize about the true whereabouts of the princess. For the moment, there is still no certainty.

Controversy on networks: the princes of Wales shared an edited photo

One of the controversies that exploded uncertainty on social media was the edited photo shared by the official account of the Princes of Wales on Instagram. This was a very hard blow to the credibility and trust of the future information provided for royalty.

The controversy reached the media who felt that the princes of Wales not only they manipulated the photobut also “to the media and the general public“.

Without a doubt, Kate Middleton’s failed photo represents a serious blow to the credibility that they had managed to build with William. They even came to Compare the Princess of Wales with Meghan MarklePrince Harry’s wife, and assured that it is a mistake that she “would never make.”

Timeline: when was the last time Kate Middleton was seen

In a statement released on January 17 by the palace that deals with information related to Prince William and his wife reported that the Princess of Wales had been admitted to the London Clinic by a “scheduled” abdominal operation.

However, the British royal family did not reveal the reason for the intervention and asked for privacy regarding Middleton’s medical information. Then they reported that “The operation was a success“and they assured that the princess should remain in the hospital between 10 and 14 days.

Even with the confirmation that the wife of the heir to the throne was in good health, speculation began to arise around it due to the little information that had been provided about the operation. For this reason, the question began to arise as to whether it was cancer. However, from Kensington They denied these rumors.

He January 29 they announced that The Princess of Wales had been discharged from hospital and that he had returned to his home in Windsor. “Alright“They stated from Kensington Palace in a second statement about the health of Middleton, whom has not been seen publicly since Christmas.

Finally, the rumors increased again when the son of King Carlos III canceled his presence at a ceremony in memory of his godfather, King Constantine of Greeceat Windsor Castle, by “personal reasons“. Due to the speculation generated by this decision by Prince William, Kensington Palace was forced to intervene in a statement in which it stated that Middleton’s convalescence “going well.”

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