Nvidia wants to consolidate dominance in the AI ​​era with a new computer system

Nvidia wants to consolidate dominance in the AI ​​era with a new computer system
Nvidia boss Jensen Huang

The US chip company Nvidia wants to expand its leading role in technology for applications with artificial intelligence (AI) with a new generation of its computer platform. Company boss Jensen Huang presented the system called Blackwell on Monday (local time) at the in-house developer conference GTC in San Jose. Nvidia Blackwell sees AI as “driving a new industrial revolution.”

The system is four times more powerful than the current generation Grace Hopper when it comes to training artificial intelligence. Nvidia’s Computer systems dominate AI training in data centers. The group also wants to expand its role in generating content using artificial intelligence. The “Blackwell” system is 30 times better than “Hopper,” emphasized Huang. There are also from Nvidia new software that can also be used via interfaces via the cloud.

Huang was convinced that in the future most content will not be retrieved prefabricated from storage, but that AI software will generate it fresh based on the current situation. Nvidia have developed the computer system for this future.

With Grace Hopper, for example, you could have the chatbot ChatGPT with 8,000 within three months Nvidiachips and a power consumption of 15 megawatts, said Huang. With Blackwell you can do this in the same time with 2,000 chips and four megawatts of electricity.

ChatGPT is the chatbot from the developer company OpenAI, which triggered the current hype around artificial intelligence over a year ago. Such software is trained with enormous amounts of information and, on this basis, can, for example, generate sentences at the linguistic level of a human and images from text specifications. Nvidia also wants to use the technology to generate weather forecasts, said Huang. For this purpose, the group is developing a world simulation called “Earth 2”.

Competitors lose touch

Nvidia bundles its chips for Maxwell into computer systems with around 600,000 components and weighing more than 1.3 tons, emphasized Huang. Those originally developed for graphics cards Nvidiatechnologies have long been proven in computing for applications with artificial intelligence. Competitors such as Intel and AMD have so far been unable to catch up. That leaves the business – and the stock market value – of Nvidia grow rapidly. Major AI companies such as Microsoft, Google and Amazon are already planning to use Blackwell.

Nvidia’s New “AI superchip” is named after American mathematician David Blackwell. Nvidia also wants to promote the use of so-called “digital twins”, in which companies can simulate their entire business on the computer. In the future, before you build something in the real world, you will first simulate it digitally, emphasized Huang.

With this concept power Nvidia Apple’s Vision Pro computer glasses are also more useful for use in companies. Nvidia’s Omniverse 3D environment, which allows companies to create “digital twins” of their products and factories, is coming to the Apple device. The technology is often used in the design of objects. Huang demonstrated it on Monday at the in-house developer conference GTC, using the example of the South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai, among others.

This meant that a designer could look at different color variants of a car model in different environments – and also virtually sit behind the steering wheel. With the $3,499 (around 3.00 euros) Vision Pro, Apple wants to establish a so-called “spatial computer” that can be used to display digital content within the real environment.

Nvidia also relies on robots. “Everything that moves will be robotic,” said the company boss. The goal is for robots to be able to learn simply by observing people. “The ChatGPT moment for robotics may be just around the corner,” Huang said. Simulations in which robots learn for the real world should play a central role.

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