the Europa Clipper mission with the motto Message in a bottle

the Europa Clipper mission with the motto Message in a bottle

After carrying out an operation that resulted in new findings about tons of oxygen coming out of Jupiter’s moon, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced that a new mission will be launched near the end of the year. : is about Europa Clipper with the motto “Message in a bottle”.

Bliss mission is ready to reveal each of the secrets of one of the most intriguing celestial bodies of our solar system. I know the details.

What is NASA’s Europa Clipper mission with the “Message in a bottle” like?

The Jovian moon is of great interest to scientists for its supposed ocean, which lies under a thick crust of ice. This ocean could be habitable and even support life. When exploring this moon, the Europa Clipper It aims to delve into the mysteries it holds, thus improving specialists’ knowledge about the potential of biology beyond Earth.


Europa Clipper: the mission planned by NASA with the motto “Message in a bottle.”


After having made a journey of 2.6 billion kilometers, Europa Clipper will make 49 close flybys of Europa to study the ocean. A protective metal dome houses the spacecraft’s scientific instruments to protect them from Jupiter’s radiation.

He “Message in a Bottle” in the mission is a continuation of a common practice of the POT. However, unlike previous messages that were sent on an interstellar trajectory, this message will remain within our solar system, specifically aimed at Jupiter’s moon.

How the “Message in a Bottle” was created for NASA’s plan

To fulfill the mission, the POT recruited METI International (Messages to Extraterrestrial Intelligence)a nonprofit organization that contributes to research on the design and transmission of interstellar messages to establish contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. Douglas Vakoch, the founder and president of METI, assured that his group was selected to determine the appropriate languages ​​to present in the “water words” segment of the message. With three linguists on METI’s board, it was a good fit.

“That was a natural combination.”he explained Vakoch by email. “METI’s earliest contribution to the project is based on the science of linguistics, which identifies the major language families on Earth. “This allows us to identify a broadly representative sample of languages ​​to include in the message plate.”

Vakoch explained: “The more we developed the various parts of the message to be attached to the Europa Clipper, the more it became clear that none of these could be interpreted if discovered by someone not already familiar with the contents.”. And he added: “Drake’s equation would make no sense unless someone already knew what each of the terms meant, and the poem would be intelligible only to an English reader.”

There are great possibilities that the Europa Clipperbuilt by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the POT, come to an end by burning up during a planned atmospheric entry. However, if the mission is diverted and the spacecraft survives, future humans could find it challenging.

It is planned that Europa Clipper launch in October aboard a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket. The spacecraft will arrive in Europe in April 2030, after a journey of five and a half years, and then spend the better part of four years carrying out its scientific work.

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