The “Yad Vashem Austria” association is history

The “Yad Vashem Austria” association is history
The Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial
Image: Volker Weihbold

The “Austrian Friends of Yad Vashem” association is history. As the OÖN reports, the board of the association that is dedicated to remembering the Holocaust met today, Wednesday. The board should actually have been re-elected, but two days before the general meeting the last remaining list withdrew its candidacy. The letter to the members said: “Members of the list were confronted by employers with concerns about the compatibility of work and volunteer work and had to make this decision.”

  • You can read more about the reasons here: “Yad Vashem Austria” association: But dissolution instead of new elections?

103 voting members were present. A two-thirds majority was needed to dissolve the association – this was narrowly achieved (66.9 percent). The club is dissolved with immediate effect.

The resigned board sees the dissolution as an opportunity for a contemporary new foundation “without the administrative and expectations baggage of 21 years of club history.” The new founding is now to take place under the leadership of the Jerusalem Holocaust Memorial and Research Center Yad Vashem. Anyone interested can get in touch. The association had 870 members, including numerous members of the government and politics.

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