The government would exempt repellents from taxes

The government would exempt repellents from taxes

The government is analyzing the possibility of exempting mosquito repellents from taxes within the framework of the advancement of the dengue, although since Ministry of Public Health (MSP) They did not ensure that this could lower prices; In that sense, the Executive Branch assured that they will carry out a price study to see if they increased disproportionately.

The dengue situation escalated to the president himself Luis Lacalle Pou who met yesterday with the Minister of Public Health, Karina Randoto determine the steps to follow after confirming the first death of an infected person.

“Historically, until now, it has been the worst moment, which does not mean that we cannot be worse in the coming weeks,” warned the leader of the health portfolio after meeting with Luis Lacalle Pou regarding the patient who died on Tuesday.

The economic measure against dengue

Once the meeting was over, the minister advanced the possibility of exonerating taxes to mosquito repellents, although he stressed that this decision does not determine that prices will drop.

“Removing the taxes does not guarantee that the repellent will drop in price, because removing the taxes does not force the merchant to lower the price. So, sometimes it can be more profit or more speculation by the person who markets it and that does not translate to the population,” he explained.

On the other hand, he announced that the distribution of repellents to vulnerable populations has already begun through Departmental Emergency Coordination Centers (Cecoed) with a stock provided by the National Emergency System (Sinae).

Regarding fumigation, the minister assured that it is a probability. “Fumigation is always a possibility in some specific situations, in situations where there are large concentrations of mosquitoes, large circulation,” she said.

The danger in Tourism Week

Meanwhile, Rando assured that the spread of the virus depends on the behavior of the population and that the Tourism Week It will be a key instance to see how the dengue. In that sense, he asked the population that travels abroad to use repellent all the time and to continue using it when they arrive at the Uruguay.

On the other hand, he reminded citizens that it is necessary to empty the containers with water since it is the medium through which the offspring of the mosquitoes that spread the disease spread.

One death from dengue in Uruguay

Regarding the deceased patient, the minister assured that it was a person with a previous illness, although it is still not clear what the cause of death was.

“The cause of death is not entirely clear, because he had a previous illness, Therefore, for some of the treating doctors, the cause of death, the cardiac arrest that led to death, may be the previous illness. However, for other doctors, from other areas, infectologists, they think that it could also occur due to dengue”, explained

Regarding possible concealments regarding the truth of the deceased person, the minister clarified the situation. “It’s not that we don’t say it, no one is hiding anything, they are simply investigating or trying to see what the most precise situation is,” she added.

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