Lula da Silva criticized the decision to grant bail to Dani Alves: what he said

Lula da Silva criticized the decision to grant bail to Dani Alves: what he said

The Brazilian president criticized the decision of a Barcelona court on the freedom of Dani Alves. The former player was convicted of rape.

Lula da Silva criticized the decision of a Spanish court that authorized bail for former soccer player Daniel Alveswho was sentenced to four and a half years in prison for having raped a young woman in the bathrooms of a nightclub in Barcelona at the end of 2022.

He brazilian president usually makes statements about these problems, including, last week, calling for the incarceration of another soccer star from his country who was convicted of rape. Is about Robinhowhom da Silva considered should “pay the price for your irresponsibility“for a crime”unforgivable“.

Dani Alves case: Lula da Silva’s criticism of the decision made by Justice

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They set bail for Dani Alves so he can get out of prison.

They set bail for Dani Alves so he can get out of prison.


Now, the Brazilian president became involved in the controversial case of Dani Alves and pointed out against the decision of set bail to get out of prisonn. During a dinner to celebrate the 44th anniversary of the Workers’ Party (PT) in Brasilia, the Brazilian president said: “The money that Daniel Alves has, the money that someone could lend him, cannot redeem a man’s offense towards a woman he raped“.

“We see that Daniel Alves can be released upon payment. I learned in Pernambuco (his home state, in the northeast of Brazil), when he was little, that a person who owned 20 contos de reis (ancient Brazilian currency) I wasn’t going to prison. This is still the case“, lament Lula da Silva.

In relation to the case that is taking place in the country of which he is president, the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) decided that Robinho must serve a sentence of nine years in prison for gang rape pronounced in absentia in Italy for events dating back to 2013, when he was a player for the AC Milan.

The decision to grant bail to Dani Alves

On Wednesday, A Barcelona court granted Dani Alves provisional release awaiting his sentence on appeal, in exchange for the payment of a bail of one million euros (US$1.09 million).

In the court order, the Barcelona hearing It agrees to the release on bail of the player, who will have his Spanish and Brazilian passports taken. Furthermore, a “prohibition of approaching the person of the complainant at a distance of no less than 1,000 meters from their home, place of work and any other place frequented by them, as well as from communicating with them by any means or procedure.”

For her part, the plaintiff’s lawyer considered that the Justice’s decision on the release of Dani Alves is a “scandal“and denounced the existence of a “justice for the rich.”

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