2023 closed with more than 189,000 active companies, reaching a record

2023 closed with more than 189,000 active companies, reaching a record

Uruguay closed 2023 with a total of 189,323 active companies, according to data from INE, thus reaching a record since 2018, at the beginning of the demographic indicator, which reflected in these years a strong growth of the private sector.

When evaluating by the type of signature, the microenterprises They are the most numerous, with a total of 161,202. In addition, 21,805 were established in the country little companies, 5,395 medium and 921 big. Regardless of size, all are at their highest peak in the last 6 years.

The survey reflected that in the fourth quarter of last year, 10,267 companies were created, a seasonally adjusted increase of 2.32% and 2.18% compared to the same period of the previous year.

In parallel, there were 7,003 companies that they closed, with a variation of 7.90% compared to the previous quarter and a reduction of 5.40% compared to the same period in 2022. In turn, 8,878 companies started cessation and 1919 they restarted the activities.

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What about high-growth companies?

On the other hand, the study focused on companies high growth, which are characterized by an average annualized growth rate of more than 10% for three years. After the shock by the pandemic, These types of firms began to experience growth, which was slight in 2022 (1,176) and more significant in 2023 (2,161).

It is worth noting that the rates that represent the relationship between high-growth companies and companies with 10 or more employees in the previous three years show a total increase of 7.44% in 2021, 9.36% in 2022 and 19.09% in 2023.

The number of jobs is also at its maximum

With respect to busy staff, It also reached the historical maximum of the series, with 946,131 workers at the end of 2023, in which 13,292 were created in the last quarter. Job positions, 5.68% compared to the third quarter.

In October-December of last year, 9,404 jobs were lost, a seasonally adjusted variation of 4.65%, while 12,303 were terminated and 3,774 were restarted.

Source: Ambito

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