Maria Hofstätter and Peter Gillmayr’s “Linzer Geiger Trio” thrilled the audience in the Bad Schallerbach Atrium

Maria Hofstätter and Peter Gillmayr’s “Linzer Geiger Trio” thrilled the audience in the Bad Schallerbach Atrium
Peter Gillmayr, Kathrin Lenzenweger, Alvin Staple, Maria Hofstätter (from left) Photo: pg

How casually and well-tempered the actress Maria Hofstätter reads this text, which is never squeamish, is an experience. In addition, the “Linzer Geiger Trio” with Peter Gillmayr (first violin), Kathrin Lenzenweger (second violin) and Alvin Staple (double bass) weaves a kind of flying musical carpet that entertains the audience with sensitively arranged (Staple) Bruckner miniatures and polka dots. rhythms into the agricultural atmosphere of Upper Austria in the 1970s.

  • Video: Music summer Maria Hofstätter

This enthusiasm goes for the program “Max Maetz: Bauernroman – Weiling Land und Leute”. As the OÖN reported, the text is the desperate attempt of the Linz writer Karl Wiesinger (1923-1991) to finally gain recognition after years of abuse. With Max Maetz, the resistance fighter and communist Wiesinger created a fictitious farmhand and author in 1972, who published this novel, which was on the one hand clairvoyant and on the other hand grossly vulgar, in lowercase letters and without punctuation. Maetz was soon celebrated and honored by Gerhard Rühm and HC Artmann. When the fraud was discovered, Wiesinger’s brief prominence was over again. With her clever choice of text, Hofstätter draws a fine line of content from the birth and growing up of Maetz, who experimented sexually with cows as a teenager, through farmers’ demonstrations against expensive diesel on the Linzer Gugl to the wedding with the erotically liberal and self-determined Kadi . After their car accident, the original farmhand rises to become a large farmer in the Bruckner-Land between Ansfelden and St. Florian.

Enthusiastic applause for this production, which can safely be predicted to have a successful tour through Austria’s cultural centers.

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