Camping ban in Grieskirchen: “Reject any exclusion”

Camping ban in Grieskirchen: “Reject any exclusion”
Thomas Antlinger

The fact that the ÖVP argues with the so-called traveling people should be rejected, says SP city councilor and LA representative Thomas Antlinger. “We were repeatedly confronted with the situation where people camped on our festival meadow without first contacting the municipality regarding the infrastructure. Unfortunately, this often led to garbage and the like simply being disposed of on the meadow,” says Antlinger. That’s why a discussion process was started to create regulations that do not explicitly exclude people and groups from camping, but require the consent of the community.

In the follow-up report to the local council meeting, however, all that remains is that Grieskirchen wants to prevent Roma and Sinti from camping. “It is clear to us that everyone who follows our rules is welcome in Grieskirchen. We deeply reject the exclusion of ethnic groups,” said Antlinger. Here small change would be exchanged between the ÖVP and FPÖ. “Courts have rightly determined that a mere ban on camping for Roma and Sinti is racist and anti-Gypsy.”

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