Weather change: storm, rain and cooling

Weather change: storm, rain and cooling
Rain on the weekend

The Easter holidays for Upper Austria’s students are starting to feel like spring today, but from midday onwards a strong cold front will move through the state from west to east. “Storm, rain and also a significant cooling down” are the result, according to Maximilian Stärz, meteorologist at Geosphere Austria.

While the past few days were characterized by mild temperatures and lots of sunshine, it is now becoming very unsettled and rainy. There is also a storm warning for Upper Austria on Saturday. “Gusts of up to 80 kilometers per hour are expected,” says Stärz.

100 km/h gusts in the Alps

In the Alps or in exposed locations, speeds of 100 km/h and more can also be possible. The snowfall limit drops to 1000 meters. The temperatures drop with the front, from eight to three degrees at 1500 meters.

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“On Sunday we will have classic reverse weather,” says the meteorologist. After a cold front has passed through, showers would alternate on the back with short phases in which the sun would appear for a short time. “A bit of April weather character,” says Stärz. The daily highs on Sunday will be between four and nine degrees, the snowfall limit will drop to 600 to 800 meters, and it is expected to remain quite windy with gusts of 50 or 60 kilometers per hour.

At the beginning of the week it will be significantly calmer and gradually warmer again, predicts the meteorologist from Geosphere Austria. There may still be a few showers on Monday morning, but the sun will appear more often before the whole of Upper Austria can look forward to lots of sunshine in the afternoon. The temperatures rise again to six to eleven degrees and the wind decreases significantly.

The weather will be mostly friendly on Tuesday. It remains dry, the wind only blows weakly to moderately, and it becomes milder again – then the temperatures climb to eleven to 15 degrees.

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