ISIS released a photo of the four alleged perpetrators

ISIS released a photo of the four alleged perpetrators

The photograph was released by the Amaq agency, ISIS propaganda channel. There they appear four people with half their faces covered, cap and the pixelated eyes in front of a large flag of the Islamic State.

According to Amaq, three of these alleged attackers “they started shooting into the crowd” in the concert hall Crocus City Hall from the city of Krasnogorskwhile the fourth started the fire at the facility with “incendiary bombs” that had been “prepared in advance for this purpose.”

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The source pointed out that during the attack, machine gunsa gun, incendiary bombsand knives that were used for “cut the throats of several inside the room and in the hallways”while he indicated that the alleged jihadists aimed at the heads of the Attendees to the event.

In addition, Amak celebrated that the attack resulted in “an infinite number of victims” and encrypted 300 the number of dead and injuredwhile indicating that the attack was carried out “in the normal context of war between the Islamic State and countries fighting against Islam“.

According to Russian investigators, the cause of death of those attending the concert where the tragedy occurred is bullet wounds and the asphyxia from fire smoke caused by the attackers.

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For his part, the president of Russia, Vladimir Putindescribed this Saturday as “savage terrorist act” the attack the day before and announced that Sunday will be national day of mourning.

In a television address, the head of state stated that the four arrested attackers They had tried to flee to Ukraineand promised that all those responsible will be “punished”.

Moscow attack: Ukrainian presidential advisor denied Ukraine’s involvement in the attack

The Ukrainian government denied its involvement in the shooting that occurred this Friday at the Crocus City Hall concert hall, on the outskirts of Moscow.

“Let’s be clear: Ukraine had absolutely nothing to do with it with these events,” declared Ukrainian presidential advisor in a video on Telegram, Mikhailo Podolyakwho also mentioned: “we have a total war, on a large scale, with the Russian army and with the Russian Federation as a country. And despite everything, “Everything will be decided on the battlefield.”.

“I would advise against establishing a connection with Ukraine at this early stage”said National Security Council spokesman John Kirby. This was responded to by Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova, who charged: “The White House said it sees no indication that Ukraine or Ukrainians are involved in the terrorist attack in Moscow,” and continues: “On what basis do Washington officials draw conclusions? in the middle of a tragedy about someone’s innocence?”

Added to that, the White House He conveyed his condolences to the victims and added that he is trying to obtain more information. “We are thinking of the victims of this terrible shooting,” Kirby said. “The images are simply horrible and hard to look at“, he stated.

Source: Ambito

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