Ebelsberg: Pensioner (83) who was hit by a truck died in hospital

Ebelsberg: Pensioner (83) who was hit by a truck died in hospital
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The deeply affected family reported this to OÖNachrichten. The 83-year-old wanted to fight At 5:20 p.m. in the Ebelsberg district of Linz, she was crossing Kremsmünsterer Straße on a protective path towards the tram stop when she was hit by a truck driver.

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An hour before the accident, the woman visited her great-grandchildren and granddaughter on the playground and brought soup. The news of the accident was a big shock, but there was still hope for recovery.

Then, on Friday morning, the 83-year-old died from severe head injuries Linz Accident Hospital. “She died shortly before I arrived at the hospital with my grandfather to visit her. It was terrible to hear the words that she had died just a few minutes ago. My grandfather collapsed. He still had faith and hope that she would wake up,” the granddaughter writes to OÖN.

It leaves a big hole behind. She was a loving grandma. “It’s particularly hard on Grandpa, they were married for 62 years.”

Inappropriate comments on Facebook

It’s not enough that the family now has to cope with the great loss, inappropriate comments on Facebook now hurt even more. The family asked the OÖN to emphasize again that the 83-year-old was neither drunk nor demented, as could be read in some comments.

“Now the grief and pain is being disrupted by people on Facebook spreading lies and rumors that the lady was drunk when she tried to cross the zebra crossing. That is not true. She did not drink alcohol and she did not have dementia. Everyone who knew her knows that,” the granddaughter writes.

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