ISIS released a new video of the attack

ISIS released a new video of the attack

A video apparently taken by the perpetrators of the deadly attack on a Moscow concert hall was uploaded to social networks used by the jihadist entity Islamic State (IS)according to the anti-terrorist research group SITE.

The minute and a half long video shows several people with blurred faces and altered voices, armed with assault rifles and daggers.

The images were published by the AMAQ agency, the ISIS-K communication channel. The video was spread this Saturday through the Telegram messaging network, after a day in which Vladimir Putin singles out Ukraine for Moscow attack -whom he described as a terrorist- and did not talk about ISIS-K, the organization that claimed responsibility for the attack on Friday. For his part, Volodimir Zelensky denied these accusations in a harsh statement against the Russian president.

They appear at the entrance to the Crocus City Hall concert hall in Krasnogorsk, in enorthwest of Moscow.

The attackers are observed when they fire several bursts, numerous inert bodies lying, and the beginning of a fire in the background.


“The infidels will be defeated. Allah is Great, the disbelievers will be defeated“says, in selfie mode, the attacker who filmed the scene. “We went out for the love of Allah and to support his religion,” he completes.

The video appeared on a Telegram account that, according to SITE, belongs to Amaq, the news arm of IS.

Russia’s position and the US warning

The attack claimed by IS left at least 133 dead on Friday night and is considered the jihadist group’s deadliest attack on European soil.

According to the Kremlin, 11 people were arrested, including the four alleged perpetrators of the attack. Moscow claims that these four men were heading to Ukraine, but kyiv denies any connection with the events.

U.S. officials confirmed to NBC News that they had been gathering intelligence for months that ISIS could stage a mass casualty attack in Russia.

Two weeks ago, US diplomacy had asked its citizens residing on Russian soil to avoid concerts and crowds, due to the danger of an “imminent” terrorist attack.

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