While the police investigate him, Jair Bolsonaro spent two days held in the Hungarian embassy

While the police investigate him, Jair Bolsonaro spent two days held in the Hungarian embassy

The lawyers of the former president of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro They came out to clarify the reason for their visit to the Hungarian embassy where it was presumed that he was hidden evade justice. However, his defense explained that “he spent two days staying” at the diplomatic headquarters in Brasilia “to maintain contact with authorities of the friendly country.”

The lawyers came out to clarify this situation after The New York Times reported that the former president had “hidden in the Hungarian embassy“last month, shortly after being target of a “police investigation”.

The American newspaper had revealed images of a security camera where I saw Bolsonaro entering the Hungarian diplomatic headquarters on the night of February 12 and leaving at 2 p.m. This was four days after the police confiscated his passport as part of an operation in which he was targeted as a suspect in plan a coup d’état.

Visit to the Hungarian embassy: Jair Bolsonaro’s justification

As detailed by his lawyers in a statement, Bolsonaro “spent two days staying at the Hungarian embassy in Brasilia to maintain contact with authorities of the friendly country.”

“As is public knowledge, The former president of the country maintains a good relationship with the Hungarian prime minister (Viktor Orban), whom he recently met at the inauguration of (Argentine) President Javier Milei in Buenos Aires,” they added.

“During the days he was staying at the embassy, ​​by invitation, The former Brazilian president spoke with numerous authorities of the friendly countryupdating the political contexts of the two countries,” they detailed.

Any other interpretation is part of fiction” and can be classified as “fake news”they insisted.

Jair Bolsonaro is being investigated for participating in a coup d’état plan

On February 8, the police launched the operation Tempus Veritatis (the moment of truth, in Latin), against Bolsonaro and several of his allies, including some of his former ministers.

According to research, they are suspected of participating in a coup plot that sought to prevent Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva from assuming the presidency in January 2023.

However, he denies it and claims to be a victim of a “persecution“.

After the release of the videos, the Hungarian ambassador, Miklos Tamás Halmaiwas called by the secretary for Europe and North America, Maria Luísa Escorel, to provide clarifications about the stay, a foreign ministry source told AFP.

The diplomat “was at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 20 minutes,” the source detailed.

Source: Ambito

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