Bank lockers looted in 5 federal states: 3 arrests

Bank lockers looted in 5 federal states: 3 arrests

According to the Lower Austria State Police Directorate on Tuesday, the total amount of damage is 545,000 euros. The accused, aged between 43 and 52 – all Lithuanian citizens – are in custody in Salzburg. A 45-year-old possible accomplice is being sought.

The group is said to have been targeting savings account lockers since the end of 2020. Most of the items stolen from the containers were cash, gold and silver bars and jewelry. The accused are credited with a total of 13 coups in Lower Austria, Styria, Upper Austria, Salzburg and Vorarlberg. During the investigations, which were carried out with the participation of several European countries, it emerged that the men had acted “in a division of labor and very professionally,” the Lower Austria State Police Directorate reported in a broadcast.

Crime scenes scouted for several months

Some of the crime scenes were scouted several months before the burglaries occurred. Rental vehicles from various providers were used.

A 43-year-old suspect was initially taken into custody on November 12, 2023. He had already come to the attention of the officials and was arrested before he left for the Czech Republic.

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64,500 euros in cash and jewelry were discovered and seized in a cavity in the man’s vehicle. The accomplices, aged 45 and 52, were traveling towards Vienna at the same time. The duo was also arrested. 20,600 euros in cash, tools and other evidence were found on them. Money and items come from burglaries that were committed in Styria on the night of November 2nd and 8th, 2023.

545,000 euros in damage

In total, the group of perpetrators is said to have stolen cash and items worth 380,000 euros during their coups. According to the police, the material damage caused amounts to 165,000 euros.

While the three Lithuanians are in custody in the Salzburg prison, a search is being carried out for their fugitive compatriot using a European arrest warrant. All of the accused have relevant criminal records abroad, the police said.

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