why the ship crashed and what is known so far

why the ship crashed and what is known so far

The bridge collapsed after a large freighter carrying containers crashed into the structure. Several vehicles that were traveling through the area at the time of the crash fell into the Patapsco River, very close to the port.

The first information began to circulate and began to shed light on the causes of the boat crash in baltimorewhich caused the bridge to collapse Francis Key Scott. While the rescue maneuvers continue, it was learned what the accident was like and what caused the incident that alerted USA this Tuesday.

According to a report from the United States Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the Dali ship that was sailing through the waters of the Patapsco River in Baltimore (United States) “lost propulsion” when leaving the port of Baltimore and warned Maryland officials about a possible collision with the bridge after having “lost control” of the freighter.

Bridge collapse in Baltimore: the causes of the boat accident

“Unfortunately, we believe there are up to twenty people who may be in the Patapsco River, as well as several vehicles,” the communications director for the local fire department told CNN. Kevin Cartwright.

Some of the missing people were crossing the bridge in their vehicles at the time of the collision and the others were workers on a construction team, but it is not clear if they worked on the same bridge.

During the rescue efforts, two people were pulled from the water after the bridge collapsed, Baltimore Fire Chief James Wallace told the AP agency. One of the rescued people was in serious condition, while the other is stable.

The low temperatures, which are around eight degrees Celsius, raise fears for the lives of those who have fallen into the water, as they run the risk of suffering from hypothermia.

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