Andrés Lima assured that the government did not take measures against the price gap

Andrés Lima assured that the government did not take measures against the price gap

The mayor of Salto questioned Luis Lacalle Pou about the exchange difference and compared: “Milei’s measures are killing Argentina, but the coastline benefited.”

The mayor of Salto, Andrés Lima, assured that “the Uruguayan government did not take measures” to alleviate the effects of the exchange difference, when assessing that “the only thing was the increase in the discount to fuels.”

On the other hand, in dialogue with MVD Noticias, Lima once again highlighted the measures of the president of Argentina, Javier Milei, about which he said that “they are killing” that country, but admitted that “the coastline benefited,” by echoing the reduction in price gap.

The mayor expressed himself this way after 2023 where the price gap shot up to its historical maximum. However, he admitted that after the first months of Milei in the neighboring country “the price of fuels and food”, so, on the shopping tourism, He clarified: “The Uruguayan no longer crosses.”

At the same time, he regretted the role of the administration headed by the president Luis Lacalle Pou. “He didn’t take action and I was left alone in the claim, because even the white mayors themselves disappeared,” he questioned.

However, Lima validated one of the initiatives. “The only measure that at any time had a positive impact was on May 1, 2023, when it was decided to increase the discount to fuels and bring it to 39%.”

A narrowing price gap

In recent months, the price gap between Uruguay and Argentina It fell almost 60%, after reaching its historical maximum in 2023. However, the latest Border Price Indicator of the UCU Jump He noted that it is 97.4%, its lowest record since September 2021.

Different studies showed that this situation will be favorable for the country. The consultant CPA Ferrere warned that it will stop the consumption diversion internally to the other side of the border, in a way that will boost growth and reduce the effects on trade and employment.

However, another report from the UCU warned that, given this scenario, “it could be ‘imported’ inflation in dollars from Argentina, since a competitor will leave the scene in several consumer items, which in some way limited the prices in our country”, so we will have to follow how the situation evolves in the neighboring country in the coming months.

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