Álvaro Delgado doubles Laura Raffo’s voting intention

Álvaro Delgado doubles Laura Raffo’s voting intention

The former Secretary of the Presidency, Alvaro Delgadodoubles the economist’s voting intention Laura Raffohis main opponent within the National Party (PN) facing the elections 2024, according to the latest survey released by the consulting firm Cifra.

Among white militants, 6 out of 10 of those surveyed assured that they will participate in the internal elections that will be held on June 30 and are not mandatory. In 2019, the nationalist internal party accumulated almost twice as many votes as that of the Broad Front (FA)a party that would subsequently be the most voted in the first round of the general elections.

When voters were asked about their names, 52% of them leaned towards Delgado, 25% of them towards Raffo, while, surprisingly, 10% said they would vote for the senator. Juan Sartori, despite the fact that he did not confirm his presidential candidacy. On the other hand, 5% showed their preference for the senator Jorge Gandini.

Despite the great support for Delgado, the consulting firm points out that he lost 10% of preferences during the last month, while Raffo grew by 8% and Sartori by the remaining 2%.

The hard core of the white militancy, which regularly attends to vote in the internal elections, would seem to turn in favor of Delgado, according to Cifra, and his name gathers 41% of the spontaneous adhesions, while Raffo’s does so at 15%. %, while Sartori and Gandini do so by 6% and 2%, respectively.

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Yamandú Orsi leads the Broad Front and the red internal is a mystery

He former mayor of Canelones, Yamandú Orsisurpasses the voting intention Mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse, in the fight for the FA presidential candidacy. The Canarian has 49% of the preferences among those who will vote in the internal elections, while the capital’s leader has 38%. These are followed by the senator Mario Bergara and the Mayor of Salto, Andrés Lima, with 5% and 1%, respectively. 7% have not yet defined their vote.

The internal Colorado Party (PC), which currently has about seven presidential candidates, continues to be a mystery for the consulting firm’s sampling, the low voting intention presented by the traditional party increases the margin of error. However, in the latest measurements the names of the former director of the ANEP appear more frequently, Robert Silvawho is the main favorite according to other pollsters, as well as that of Andres Ojedaexedil by Montevideo.

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