“Communion is contagious”

“Communion is contagious”

A team of volunteers supports hospital chaplain Karin Hartmann in her work with patients.

During Holy Week, pastoral care at the Freistadt Clinic also takes on particular importance. In addition to the full-time pastor Karin Hartmann, there are nine volunteers who give the patients their life experience and their time.

Herta Sixt, for example: She has been coming to the clinic for ten years, talking to patients and giving communion if requested. “This task is always very touching for me. It also makes me awestruck, because the host is something very special,” says Herta Sixt. “I always ask everyone in the room how things are going and wish them a speedy recovery. This often leads to very nice conversations, and when people complain to me about their suffering, I listen.”

The liturgy team at the clinic has nine people who are commissioned by the surrounding parishes to give communion. Every Saturday, two volunteers are assigned to four stations. Before the visits, the wards are asked who would like to receive communion. The results are communicated to the volunteers when they start their service. “Although you have to say: Communion is contagious,” says Karin Hartmann. “If there are only one or two registered in a room, we often hear: ‘Do you have another one for me?’ or ‘Are they counted?’ Very often all patients in a room pray along with the Lord’s Prayer – even those who do not want communion.”

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Apart from the Catholic Church, there is also contact with other denominations and religious communities at the Freistadt Clinic. Contact will be made upon request. There is also a Protestant visiting service.

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