If I go to Argentina, I go to Uruguay

If I go to Argentina, I go to Uruguay

The possibility that the Pope Francisco visit the Uruguay It has been under discussion for almost a year, when he expressed his interest in a state trip to the Argentinawhich would also include our country.

His health problems have been postponing the completion of an ecclesiastical travel agenda, but the archbishop of Montevideo, Daniel Sturlaput the issue back on the agenda this Good Friday.

“I was with him in February, and what he told me was ‘if I go to Argentina, I’m going to Uruguay,’” he told Arriba Gente and explained that the visit of Pope Francisco “It depends on the Pope’s health and the Argentine situation.”

Sturla was also encouraged to suggest a date for the visit. “The Pope does not usually come to countries that have an electoral issue, an electoral process, so I think that one possibility would be for him to come right after the second round,” that is, in the last part of the year.

Pope Francis’ health, the key factor

Francis’ frequent health problems have greatly limited his pontificate, which, in the early days, was dedicated to bringing the Catholic Church to the periphery, as he refers to Catholic communities outside Europe.

On Holy Thursday he managed to lead the ceremony of washing and kissing feet, for which he chose 12 from the Roman prison of Rebibiain a degraded area on the outskirts of Rome.

From his wheelchair, he washed and kissed the right foot of 12 women sitting on a stand, in a ritual that commemorates Jesus’ gesture of humility to his apostles at the Last Supper, the night before he was crucified.

He Pope Francisco He is the first to celebrate the foot-washing ceremony outside of churches, usually in prisons, nursing homes or hospices, continuing a practice he began when he was archbishop of Buenos Aires.

Francis, who has recently given fewer speeches due to fatigue caused by bouts of bronchitis and the flu, seemed fit. When he arrived at the prison, an aide pushed his wheelchair through the small crowd and many inmates rushed forward to touch him.

Francisco remained standing during part of the mass and then, seated, greeted the prisoners and a three-year-old boy who lives there with his inmate mother.

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