Put your opinions where they fit

Put your opinions where they fit

The ex-president Jose Mujica questioned the regime again Venezuela and, although he did not agree with the term dictatorship, assured that in the country he leads Nicolas Maduro “They don’t play at democracy.”

The political situation in the Caribbean country got into the campaign, with criticism from National Party to the Wide Front and in the last hours it also added repercussions from Venezuela, with the president of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez, counterattacking Mujica’s criticisms, as well as those of the president of Brazil, Lula Da Silva.

On the one hand, the former Uruguayan president He maintained at a press conference this Saturday that what is happening in Venezuelan territory “is regrettable”, stating that “it seems that they are playing at democracy, but they are not playing at democracy.”

“What is clear is that in Venezuela There is no basic respect for the opposition and that disturbs and creates a situation in which this cannot be called democracy,” said the Frente Amplista leader about the difficult electoral scenario in that country, with candidates being disqualified.

However, he distanced himself from the criticism of the Uruguayan ruling party by pointing out that it does not coincide with the definition of a dictatorship. “It is an ambiguous term,” he maintained and argued: “What is in Afghanistan? What do the Taliban have, dictatorships or theocracies? And what’s in Saudi Arabia? That is, we use the terms without specifying them.”

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Strong response from the Venezuelan government

From the Caribbean country they spoke out several times against the government and the president Luis Lacalle Pou, but this time the dart came for Mujica and Lula themselves, closer to the ideological positions of the Bolivarian regime.

“We don’t get involved in anyone’s business. Put your opinions wherever they fit,” the president of the National Assembly.

Continuing with his defense, he gave names. “Do you know the president (of Colombia, Gustavo) Petro, Lula, Mujica, etc., of the insurrectional and assassination plan revealed here by the main spokesperson of fascism in Miami?” Rodríguez pointed out.

And he asked himself: “Would your countries accept plans to attack the president like the ones we have revealed on numerous occasions? Do you know that the fascist organization Sell ​​Venezuela Did you never request to be registered as a political party nor was there any application on your own initiative? That is to say, that party was never registered in the CNE (National Electoral Council) nor did they seek registration on their own initiative.”

“Have you heard that 100% of the parties accredited to the CNE registered any of the 13 candidates, from across the political spectrum, competing for the presidency of Venezuela? Ignorance? Ignorance? Fear? We don’t get involved in anyone’s business. Put your opinions wherever they fit,” she stated, rejecting questions about the disqualification of candidates, as happened with the historic opposition leader. Maria Corina Machado and the leader Corina Yanis.

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