Canelones proposed creating an interdepartmental commission to address the Santa Lucía River

Canelones proposed creating an interdepartmental commission to address the Santa Lucía River

Mayor Marcelo Metediera conveyed to President Luis Lacalle Pou the need to find a structural solution to the overflows, together with Florida, Lavalleja and San José.

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The brand new Mayor of Canelones, Marcelo Metedierahe proposed to President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pouthe creation of a commission together with the municipalities of Florida, Lavalleja and Saint Josephwith the aim of finding a structural solution to the overflows in the Saint Lucia River.

This Monday the Canary Islands leader visited the head of state with the aim of conveying to him the intention of the Canelones Municipality in forming this departmental commission to address the needs of the Santa Lucía River basin, as well as other issues related to environmental and security policies.

Once the meeting was over, Metediera said at a press conference that they discussed “the need to reinstall a commission, which already exists in the Congress of Mayors, linked to the board of mayors of the Santa Lucía River basin.”

Canelones seeks to relocate 60 families who live on the banks of the Santa Lucía River

In addition to the rearticulation of the commission of the Congress of Mayors, Metediera understands that it is necessary to coordinate joint actions with the Ministry of Housing and Territorial Planning (MTOV) to “further promote the 60 relocations that Canelones plans to carry out and to be able to somehow eliminate that first strip of neighbors who are installed on the side of the river.” “Canelones has some land space (to rehouse them) and has the capacity to increase it,” he said in this regard.

“We also made a proposal similar to what happened in 2019 when there were floods of these characteristics and OPP —Office of Planning and Budget—made financial contributions in order to help the neighbors who had lost their buildings and furniture,” said the mayor.

At an environmental level, Metediera also referred to the final waste disposal site in the area of Olmos Junctionsomething that worries the Mayor and for which he has “two or three alternatives”, according to the mayor himself.

Embed – Meeting between the Mayor and the President for safety, environment and measures for the Santa Lucía River

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