“The Masked Singer”: What changes in the 10th season

“The Masked Singer”: What changes in the 10th season
“The Masked Singer” features disguised celebrities. (archive image)

The broadcaster announced on Tuesday that this would also increase the number of unmaskings – always the highlight of every edition. A total of 14 stars would now be exposed, including the finale. “More than ever before.”

“Two unmaskings every Saturday”

The process looks like this: Under the new mask “The Mystery” there is a different celebrity hidden every week, who is also revealed at the end. In addition, another mask from the regular competition will be lifted. “So there are two unmaskings every Saturday,” calculated ProSieben.

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Until now, there had never been such a quick change under a mask on “The Masked Singer”. The costumes were always assigned. If a mask got too few votes, it was thrown out of the competition – and so was the celebrity underneath.

Tenth season starts on April 6th

In the format, celebrities appear as singers, but hide their true identities behind large costumes. Only her voice and mysterious clues give any idea who is on stage. In the studio, a professional guessing team looks at the clues, while the audience puzzles in front of the television.

The show begins its tenth season on Saturday, April 6th. There will also be innovations in the advice team. Presenter Palina Rojinski and comedian Rick Kavanian now have permanent seats there. The long-time puzzle queen Ruth Moschner, on the other hand, no longer has a regular place.

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