Where is Ruma? Monkey stolen from Leipzig Zoo

Where is Ruma?  Monkey stolen from Leipzig Zoo
The bearded monkey enclosure had been violently broken into and there was no trace of Ruma.

The absence of the 15-year-old female named Ruma was discovered on Easter Sunday during the morning check of the animal facilities. Her companion, a twelve-year-old male monkey, remained in the enclosure. He was outwardly uninjured. According to the zoo, in addition to the “clear traces of a violent break-in,” it was also clear that there had been a capture operation. “The criminal police have secured traces and put out a wanted notice for the bearded monkey,” said the Leipzig Police Department.

Critically endangered

Zoo director Jörg Junhold spoke of “bad news”. Bearded monkeys were among the animal species at great risk of extinction. Keeping and transport are regulated by the Washington Convention on Species, so that legal procurement of the animals is subject to high requirements. In addition, dealing with bearded monkeys can be dangerous. It cannot therefore be ruled out that the animal was also injured during capture.

Security precautions increased

“We don’t know the motive behind the theft, but we are extremely concerned about the well-being of the middle-aged animal, whose species-appropriate care and care requires specialist knowledge, and we very much hope that the animal will be secured or returned unharmed,” explained Junhold. As a consequence of the break-in, security precautions at the zoo were increased.

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