Lacalle Pou sweeps popularity among coalition voters: 80% approve of his management

Lacalle Pou sweeps popularity among coalition voters: 80% approve of his management

The administration of the President of the Republic has 86% approval among white supporters and 80% among those who identify as supporters of the government coalition, reflected the demographic study released this Tuesday.

As a counterpart, among those who intend to vote for the Broad Front (FA), Almost three out of four are dissatisfied with the current management.

At a general level, without association with the political forces and the electoral moment of the Uruguay, Lacalle Pou It reflects the approval of 46%, which represents an improvement of 3% compared to the previous measurement. Disapproval is 40%.

The Cifra report recalled that Lacalle Pou had a particularly long “honeymoon” with the company. The beginning of his administration in March 2020 coincided with that of the Covid-19 pandemic and his response to it was very well evaluated. During the first two years as president he maintained the support of 60% of Uruguayans.

The survey was conducted among 1,198 respondents throughout Uruguay between March 7 and 20 through telephone calls (to landlines and cell phones). The maximum margin of error expected for 95% confidence is approximately 3.1 percentage points plus or minus (+/- 3.1) for the entire sample.

It is worth remembering that the latest CB Consultora survey placed Lacalle Pou as the second highest-rated president in South America, only surpassed by Daniel Noboa, of Ecuador. The podium is completed by the Argentine Javier Milei.

Source: Ambito

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