Tarock Königrufen becomes an intangible cultural heritage

Tarock Königrufen becomes an intangible cultural heritage
Tarot as a cultural heritage

The new additions enrich the diversity of traditions in Austria, said a statement from the Austrian UNESCO Commission, which currently maintains the directory, which currently contains 168 elements.

Tarot king call is a card game, connected to European and Austrian history, from the Tarot family. It has been played nationwide for more than two centuries and remains widespread today. Gerhard Mayr, co-founder of the Linz Tarock Academy, reacted happily that the inclusion in the directory was “an award for everyone who is committed to tarot playing and the preservation of tarot culture.”

Every year in Wolkersdorf (Lower Austria) the big Corpus Christi procession takes place Tusk flag supported (execution of the tusk flag). Eight people from the Wolkersdorf winegrowers carry the flag, which is seen as the most difficult but most honorable task.

The Plague candle parade in St. Benedikten (Styria) takes place during the Corpus Christi service and is held as a field mass. The plague candle is decorated, set up and carried in a procession from one high field altar to the other.

Siniweln is the knowledge of round timber block construction with countersunk models (Carinthia, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Styria, Tyrol, Vorarlberg). In addition to various forms of stone masonry, wall constructions in the Alpine region include block constructions made of softwood.

And last but not least, you can now also find “Knowledge and Practices of the Farrier and blacksmiths” (Austria-wide) on the list.

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