12-year-old boy killed a classmate and injured two others due to bullying

12-year-old boy killed a classmate and injured two others due to bullying

A 12-year-old boy killed a classmate and injured two others at a school in Finland. The terrible event occurred in the city of Vantaain the north of Helsinkiin an institution that has about 800 students between 7 and 15 years old.

Following the warning, the police arrived at the scene at 9:00 (local time) and managed to arrest the suspect around 10.00. According to the Ministry of the Interior, the flags of all public buildings and institutions in the country will fly at half-mast as a sign of mourning.

Finland: what was the shooting like?

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A shooting in Finland left one dead and two injured.

“After 9 o’clock, a shooting at the Viertola primary school in Vantaa (…) during which a sixth grade student died,” the police officer announced Ilkka Koskimäki during a press conference, who also reported on two children who were “seriously injured“.

In turn, the agent referred to the arrest of the suspect and indicated that He had a firearm and went to the same school. Regarding the arrest, he indicated that “was carried out peacefully“. Regarding the weapon with which the shooting broke out, it belongs to a relative of the shooter.

Markku Särkkäanother police officer, emphasized the child’s imprisonment and assured that neither will be declared criminally responsible because he is under 15 years old, so he has already been interrogated and will be handed over to social services. “The police are investigating the motive of the act and the reasons behind this incident,” he said.

After the terrible event, the Minister of the Interior, Mari Santanen, used the social network X and expressed: “I can only imagine the pain and worry that many families are feeling right now.” He too Prime Minister Petteri Orpo He said he was “deeply shocked” by what happened.

Horror in Finland: the boy declared he was a victim of bullying

According to the authorities in the last few hours, the child justified his act by the “harassment he suffered”. In a statement, the police indicated that the minor was new to the school and that during his interrogation he stated that “had been a victim of harassment“, something that was confirmed through “a preliminary investigation.”

Background in Finland

The country has been through two similar tragedies in the early 2000s. One of them took place in November 2007, when an 18-year-old opened fire at a school in Jokela, about 50 kilometers north of the capital, and killed eight people: the director, the nurse and six students. After the attack committed suicide.

In September 2008, another shooting took place at a vocational school in Kauhajoki, which was perpetrated by Matti Juhani Saari, 22 years old. The young man He killed 10 people and then committed suicide.

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