What happens to Venezuelan professionals who settled in Uruguay?

What happens to Venezuelan professionals who settled in Uruguay?

More than 60% are university students, among whom 7 out of 10 did not revalidate their degree for different reasons.

The Cavenuy Census reflected that the vast majority of Venezuelans living in Uruguay did not revalidate their title.

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More than 60% of Venezuelans living in Uruguay They are university professionals, but, among them, only 7 out of 10 did not revalidate their degree, not knowing that they can carry out the procedure or due to problems with their documents when they left their country, according to the Cavenuy Census.

The data arises from the survey carried out by the Venezuelan-Uruguayan Chamber of Businesspeople and Professionals, which demonstrated the good integration of migrants from the country that leads Nicolás Maduro.

Angel Arellano, representative of Cavenuy, told EFE that the census is “a first step that will be preceded by a survey directed at Venezuelan university professionals who emigrated to Uruguay to find out what their main concerns and problems are.”

“We are seeing a community of more than 30,000 Venezuelan citizens who live today in Uruguay quite consolidated and committed to the country, which is working and contributing, 19% of the Venezuelan immigrants They are entrepreneurs who are employing labor and investing here,” said Arellano.

Census figures

In any case, the survey reflected that more than 60% of the Venezuelans Residents in the country are university professionals, something that the Cavenuy representative described as a sign that it is a community with a “relevant” education.

In turn, it emerges that more than half of the workers of the majority of Venezuelan companies that operate in Uruguay They are national, which reflects that the community had a very good integration in the country, favored by the openness of Uruguayan society.

Meanwhile, a third of the ventures in the Caribbean country are in the sector gastronomic, followed by businesses related to esthetic and the trade of goods and services.

What are the concerns of Venezuelans?

The first concern of Venezuelan professionals in the country is the employment and they are interested in getting a job in their area of ​​knowledge or improving the quality of the one they already have.

Other concerns are living place and the security, Therefore, the representative of Cavenuy considered that it is a sign that the Venezuelan community is interested in settling in Uruguay, beyond the tensions between the government and the Venezuelan authorities.

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