a rat came out of the toilet, bit him and ended up in the emergency room with a serious illness

a rat came out of the toilet, bit him and ended up in the emergency room with a serious illness

He arrived at the emergency room with fever, headache and abdominal pain and ended up hospitalized. Find out the details of this curious case.

A 76-year-old man was admitted to a Canadian hospital after suffering an infection after being bitten by a rat that came out of the toilet. The fact, whether unusual or not, was published in a local media outlet and was quickly replicated around the world.

After receiving injuries to two fingers while trying to free himself from the animal, the patient sought medical treatment for his injuries and received a tetanus booster. Authorities are trying to determine how the rodent arrived and if there is a risk that the same thing happens to a neighbor.

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A rat came out of the toilet and left him hospitalized: what serious illness did it cause?

After being treated urgently, the man returned home and it seemed that the story was over, but 18 days later he had to return to the medical center with symptoms that included fever, headaches and abdominal pain.

The medical team diagnosed him with leptospirosis, a life-threatening disease characterized by systematic inflammation.typically associated with infections.

The case attracted attention because Leptospirosis is not usually contracted from rat bites, since the bacteria are eliminated naturally through your urine.

According to him Canadian Medical Association Journalit is speculated that the infection may have originated when the rat, momentarily contaminated with bacteria in its mouth due to urine, transferred them to the bloodstream during the bite.

Doctors acted quickly and administered intravenous antibiotics, allowing the man to recover enough to be discharged and return home.

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