Artificial intelligence sings about the Uruguayan economy

Artificial intelligence sings about the Uruguayan economy

The director of Enia UY, Federico Comesaña, carried out an artistic-technological experiment, and created a song with AI that explains the last days of the national economy.

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The economy of Uruguay It is not particularly complex or, at least, no more than any economy, but the particularities of recent times, between the price of the dollar, the reference interest rate and the loss of competitiveness, with all its twists and turns, can be hard to follow. For this reason, a platform that allows users to create music from text, created a song that explains the economic present, through a artificial intelligence (AI).

The initiative came from Federico Comesaña, director of Enia UY, a company dedicated to new technologies and creator of an artificial intelligence tool for WhatsApp which, together with the already known AI ChatGPT, created “Rimas del Mercado”, a short 35-second rap that summarizes the novel around the exchange rate delay in Uruguay.

The result was shared on X (formerly Twitter), with the lyrics written by GPT4 turbo and interpretation by Audio v1, a platform that allows users to create music from text and offers a variety of customization options.


“The ‘lyricist’ model was fed with 12 press releases and opinion columns about the decision of Central bank, the evolution of the dollar and the claims of businessmen (and notes from my latest columns on the matter),” Comesaña explained about the creative process. “Then it was just copy, paste and wait a few seconds,” he added.

The song is a short rap performed by a “male voice” and with a Spanish accent—although with some pronunciation difficulties—that narrates the last days of the Uruguayan economy: “In Montevideo The Bank lowers the midpoint, exporters cry out in the market for a remedy. The rate is adjusted eight and a half percent, inflation in its range but the regret is felt,” expresses the work created with AI in its first part.

“Falling dollar, competitiveness suffers; ‘intervene now!’, the impatient countryside. This is how this national economic drama is sung, between rates and dollars, Uruguay He is going to sail,” he concludes.

“The result is not perfect, but let’s look at it this way: it is the result of less than half an hour of late night work without any editing or iteration. What I mean by this? “What you have just heard is the blueprint for everything that is to come,” the businessman said regarding the possibilities of artificial intelligence.

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