This would never have happened if I were president

This would never have happened if I were president

“Israel is under attack! This should never have happened. This would never have happened if I were president.“Trump noted on social networks.

For his part, the current American president and Trump’s electoral rivalJoe Bidenexpressed the official position of the North American country: “We will help defend Israel and Iran will not succeed“.

The European Union condemned the attack by Iran

Different countries of Europeincluding the European Unionexpressed themselves against the Iran attack on Israel. The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrellexpressed his “strong repudiation of unacceptable attack Iranian against Israel.” “This is an unprecedented escalation and a serious threat to regional security,” he considered.

The statement of the British Prime Minister Rishi Sunakwhich in an official statement expressed: “I condemn in the strongest terms the reckless attack by the Iranian regime against Israel. “Iran has once again demonstrated its intention to wreak havoc in its own backyard.” Likewise, she reiterated her military support for Israel, Jordan and Iraq. “No one wants more bloodshed,” she said.

Also, the Chancellor of France, Stéphane Sejournémaintained his “condemnation with the greatest firmness attack launched by Iran against Israel”. ”With the decision of this unprecedented action, Iran is taking a new step in its destabilizing actions and assuming the risk of military escalation,” he concluded.

Iran launched dozens of suicide drones in an attack on Israel

Iran began his attack against Israel and launched dozens of drones against the Jewish State a few moments ago, according to US and Israeli sources. This is a response to what happened last Monday, April 1, when Israel attacked an annex of the Iranian embassy in Syria and left at least eight dead.

From Israel they confirmed that Iran targeted only military sites, not civilians. Besides, They assured that the first drones will arrive ahead of schedule, at 1 am local.


Israeli weapons prepared to combat drones.

The spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces, Daniel Hagariannounced: “We prepare for different scenarios in advance. To intercept these launches, we have protection circles (Iron Dome) of the Navy and the Air Force in several layers.”

“We will try to prevent them from reaching Israeli territory, it is our task”, he added in a televised message. He also assured that the sirens and alarms will be activated and the drones will be intercepted. He in turn announced that the drones could take hours to reach Israeli airspace and that, if they manage to do so, the sirens and alarms will be activated and the drones will be intercepted.

Earlier, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu had declared: ”Israeli citizens, In recent years, and even more so in recent weeks, Israel has been preparing for the possibility of a direct attack from Iran. The State of Israel is strong, the IDF is strong, the public is strong. We appreciate the United States standing with Israel, as well as the support of Great Britain, France and many other countries. Also, Netanyahu noted that Israel will respond to any attack with coldness.

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