Leaders of the Uruguayan political arc sent their solidarity to Israel and repudiated the attack

Leaders of the Uruguayan political arc sent their solidarity to Israel and repudiated the attack

References from different political spaces questioned the drones launched from Iranian soil, with concepts such as “sabotage” and “coup” to peace in the Middle East.

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Leaders of all the Uruguayan political arc They came out to condemn the drone attack They will go to Israel, with displays of “solidarity” and repudiation of the war, at times where the conflict in Middle East worsens and threatens to advance its escalation in the coming hours.

One of the first to repudiate the episode was the pre-candidate of the National Party, Laura Raffo, who, from his X account, assured that “the military attack from Iranian soil against Israel It is a serious blow to peace in Middle East”, after which he expressed: “My solidarity with Israel at this crucial moment.”

Meanwhile, his PN counterpart, Alvaro Delgado, He noted: “We strongly condemn Iran’s attack on Israel. All our solidarity with the population and compatriots who live there.”

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From the Colorado Party, the presidential candidate Gabriel Gurmendez He noted that “in the face of the missile and military drone attack by the Iranian regime on Israel, my solidarity with the population and our compatriots living in that country.” “It is clear that there is once again an attempt to sabotage peace in the region,” he stated from his X account.

Your internal competitor, Robert Silva, He added: “ “Our condemnation of the attack that the people of Israel and the compatriots who live there are suffering from Iran.”

In turn, the PC deputy, Ope Pasquet, stated: “In the face of the massive Iranian attack, I declare my solidarity with Israel and its people. A big hug to the Uruguayans who live there.”

Meanwhile, the senator Sebastian Da Silva (PN), showed his support by reposting an Israeli account that read the following message: “We are strong. We are prepared. We are resilient. Am Israel Jai – The people of Israel live.”

In turn, the senator Javier Garcia He assured that “it is with democracy and with our shared values.” “It is with the people and the State of Israel. Along with them,” said the former Minister of Defense.

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