Influencer Michi Skopek promotes shopping in Wels with city marketing

Influencer Michi Skopek promotes shopping in Wels with city marketing
Michael Skopek is supposed to attract young visitors to the city.

Wels city marketing is breaking new ground in the quest for customers for the city’s shops: five videos that will be shown on social media in the coming weeks provide a funny way to promote shopping in brick-and-mortar stores – and clearly explain the advantages compared to online shops.

In Michael Skopek, the team led by city marketing boss Peter Jungreithmair has found a prominent advertising face who is primarily intended to appeal to the young audience: The 18-year-old Welser maintains more than 240,000 followers on the social media Instagram and TikTok with short videos, some of which are more be viewed more than 300,000 times. “With the new campaign ‘How to shop Wels’ we want to draw attention to the fact that a day of shopping in Wels is more than just shopping. Michi Skopek can convey this brilliantly,” says Mayor Andreas Rabl (FP).

Grandma shows how it’s done

Above all, the videos are intended to be entertaining – in “You can’t shop with grandma online” the grandmother Michael Skopek shows how shopping in the city center really works. “How to do the size check” also explains how shoppers find the right size in the store. “It’s about bringing awareness back to this great leisure activity with friends and loved ones,” explains Jungreithmair. “Shopping actually has an emotional component that online shopping simply doesn’t offer. We all have to learn that again.”

In addition to the videos, the campaign also includes advertising posters and advertisements. The starting signal is the Wels Shopping Week from April 29th to May 4th.

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