Israel urges diplomatic offensive and evaluates military response against Iran

Israel urges diplomatic offensive and evaluates military response against Iran

The Israeli ambassador to Argentina: “We are very grateful to President Milei”

The Israeli ambassador in ArgentinaEyal Sela, today thanked the Government for its support following Iran’s attack on Israel over the weekend. On Sunday, President Javier Milei headed a crisis committee at the Casa Rosada to analyze the situation, before which the diplomatic representative spoke.

“We are very grateful to President Milei. This was my second message that I gave to the president and the Cabinet, of gratitude from the State of Israel, from President (Isaac) Herzog and from Prime Minister (Benjamin) Netanyahu, who published yesterday in the social networks our gratitude to Argentina’s clear opposition, under the leadership of President Javier Milei,” Sela expressed in radio statements.

In reference to the new attacks that could occur, he indicated: “Another attack can never be ruled out and measures must always be taken, but we do not have any concrete information about anything in Argentina, it is important to highlight it.”

Finally, and taking into account the two terrorist attacks that Argentina suffered in the 90s, Sela remarked: “You always have to be more careful and you have to have more security.

Likewise, explain to everyone that normal activity will continue. How to have investments in Argentina, how to have scientific relations, how to increase trade. “These are very important things and we want to move forward with all of this.”

Source: Ambito

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