A woman took her dead uncle to a bank to get a loan

A woman took her dead uncle to a bank to get a loan

The terrifying event happened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The woman carried the body of her uncle in a wheelchair to request a loan of 17,000 reais.

in a branch Itaú Unibanco in Bangúa neighborhood located west of Rio de Janeiro Brazila woman showed up with the corpse of his uncle to apply for a loan 17,000 relaysan amount of around $2,800,000. The incident was recorded by the bank’s own employees, who detected that something was not right with the man.

The person involved was identified as Érika de Souza Vieira Nunes, who went to the bank with Paulo Roberto Braga because I needed your signature to request the money.

Brazil: the video of the moment the woman shows up at the bank with her dead uncle


The moment when the woman tries to sign the loan with the corpse of her dead uncle.

Courtesy @eduardomenoni

Although the man did not seem to be in the best condition, the woman was able to deceive the bank employees and advance until the moment when her uncle had to sign the procedure, according to O’Globo. Upon seeing Roberto Braga’s situation, she asked him about her condition, however, she responded that there was nothing to worry about and that it was “something normal“.

The moment of signing was the one that exposed the situation, since the woman grabbed her hand with the pen so that she could write it and He held his head by the nape of his neck. Seeing this, the employees discovered that it was a corpseso they called the police.

He took his dead uncle to the bank in Brazil: the investigation

The authorities arrived at the scene and Érika de Souza Vieira Nunes declared before them that she was the one taking care of her uncle. However, upon determining that she was dead, she was detained and could face charges of embezzlement and defamation of a corpse.

Now, officers are investigating whether there really is a relationship between the woman and the man. In addition, they seek to know the circumstances that led to the man’s death, something that happened hours before to appear at the bank.

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