Mides crossed the IMM for its inaction towards homeless people

Mides crossed the IMM for its inaction towards homeless people

From the Ministry of Social Development (Mides) they reproach the Montevideo Municipality (IMM) for failing to comply with the misdemeanor law and failing to control people on the street, while the department emphasizes that they are not enough.

Last year You measure conducted a census that confirmed a 48% increase in people living outdoors and a 24% increase in people living on the street, numbers that highlight the high cost of living in the street. Uruguay as well as addiction problems.

In this context, from the You measure They claim to the Municipality of Montevideo that there is inaction on the part of the departmental authorities when it comes to providing solutions to this problem. “We have great discomfort in the You measure due to the inaction of the IMM in the application of the misdemeanor law,” Minister Alejandro Sciarra told El País.

The leader refers to the territorial police that the commune has had since 2008 according to the Territorial Planning and Sustainable Development Law. In that sense, the portfolio assures that they are responsible for 80% and 90% of the interventions on public roads for people experiencing homelessness.

Meanwhile, the mayor’s response is that the complaints of the You measure They do not adjust to reality since the department assures that their work is frequent. Although they also denounce that they lack logistical support from the Interior portfolio.

An alarming report

Last year, the Mides report warned that compared to the last Mides survey in 2021, there was a 24% increase in people living on the streets and a 48% increase in people living outdoors.

As confirmed by the press, based on preliminary census data, last year 1360 people living on the streets, an increase of 48% unlike 2021 where the numbers did not exceed 1000 people, more specifically, 920.

Regarding people living in sheltersthe number increased by 8% compared to 2021 where a total of 1,395 were revealed compared to 1,295 people. With this, among people who live in shelters and those who sleep on the street there were an increase of 24%, going from 2,215 people in 2021 to 2,755 currently.

Source: Ambito

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