The purchase of Minerva from Marfrig could be delayed until the end of the year, they anticipate from Brazil

The purchase of Minerva from Marfrig could be delayed until the end of the year, they anticipate from Brazil

The acquisition of plants Marfrig by Minerva could be extended until the end of the year, since the analysis period is expected to last until December, as anticipated from Brazil, by describing the operation as “complex.”

The fusion, which in Uruguay analyzes the Commission for the Promotion and Defense of Competition, dependent on the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), is of vital importance for the market task, since the Brazilian company could concentrate almost half of the total.

From the General Superintendence of the Administrative Council of Economic Defense of Brazil (Cade) They believe that the acquisition is “complex” and the analysis period is up to 240 days, so the possibility of evaluation is valid until the end of the year.

Added to this is the recent projection published in the weekly animal protein market report of Itaú BBVA of Brazil, published by Blasina y Asociados, which predicts that the operation will be approved in December.

The agricultural sector questions the concentration

The operation Minerva-Marfrig is viewed with suspicion by him agricultural sector in Uruguay, since it would put more than 50% of the country’s work in Brazilian hands.

The president of National Meat Institute (INAC), Conrado Ferber, recently referred to the purchase and called to “ensure free marketing and balance” considering that the operation implies “a huge imbalance that will condition livestock.”

Regarding the analysis by the Defense of Competition, Ferber pointed out at the last Expo Melilla that INAC analyzed and presented reports “technically and independently so that the best decision is made,” but warned that “they are long processes, because very important interests are affected.”

On a personal note, Ferber stated: “I can’t imagine that 50% of the work can be in anyone’s hands. “25% is already a dangerous limit.”

During the same event, his predecessor Alfredo Fratti was against the purchase, but also against the lack of speed of the organism that depends on the MEF. “If you have a year to decide whether or not to do a business, let’s not talk about certainties,” he noted.

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