Young people on the trail of forced labor then and now

Young people on the trail of forced labor then and now
Young people in front of the Polish memorial at the entrance to the Nazi tunnel “Bergkristall”

Almost 50 young people from Austria, Italy and Poland are currently collecting materials for an EU-wide traveling exhibition about forced labor during a project week in the Mauthausen-Gusen region. The project, which is scheduled to be completed in time for the Human Rights Symposium this November, aims to raise awareness among young people about the mechanisms of oppression through forced labor.

“I admire the enthusiasm with which young people are committed to our democracy,” says contemporary historian Sabine Schweitzer, who leads the project funded by the EU’s “Erasmus+” program. Above all, the personal encounters at sites of Nazi terror motivated the participants to bring as many facets as possible into the exhibition.

This is particularly true for the participating young people from the Polish Wlodawa region, says the managing director of the awareness region, Andrea Wahl: “They live in the southeast of Poland, not far from the border with Ukraine. Since the war that Russia is waging in their neighboring country “They are particularly sensitive when it comes to freedom and human rights.”

The traveling exhibition will deal with forced labor in concentration camps and armaments factories as well as the lessons learned from it – such as the Declaration of Human Rights. “The fact that these human rights are now being openly questioned again by some political parties in Europe must alarm us all. One of the main goals of the exhibition is to wake people up,” says project manager Sabine Schweitzer.

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