The old Carrasco airport will become a logistics center, with an investment of US$5.5M

The old Carrasco airport will become a logistics center, with an investment of US$5.5M

The project will be carried out by Corporación América Airports, the company to which the government granted the concession.

The old airport Carrasco will become a logistics center through an investment of more than 5.5 million dollars, in a project that seeks to improve the connectivity and the positioning of the country as a regional hub.

After obtaining the concession from the government, America Airports Corporation, through Uruguay Airports, will be in charge of the initiative, which aims to recover a building that is cultural heritage and modernize it to use it for logistical development, which will in turn contribute to the economic development from the country.

At the same time, the installation of a new ILS CAT IIIb instrument landing system is contemplated in the Carrasco International Airport, similar to that used in airports in the main capitals of the world, such as that of Heathrow, London.

The system will allow aircraft to land in adverse weather, which will mean an improvement in air connectivity, in addition to “a better experience for passengers, greater predictability for airlines and a competitive advantage for the development of aviation,” they highlighted in a statement from Corporación América.

Extension of the contract at the Punta del Este International Airport

On the other hand, the Executive extended the concession of the Punta del Este International Airport to Consorcio Aeropuertos Internacionales SA, also managed by Corporación América.

The company committed to “invest in works and projects that will raise the operational level and services” of the country’s second air terminal, with a view to enhancing airport services, something that the firm described as “a priority objective.” for the development of the country.”

These projects involve an investment of more than 25 million dollars, which, added to the development of the National System of International Airports (which has already advanced in Carmelo, Rivera and Salto, while moving forward Melo, Paysandú and Peach), Corporación América committed to “deepen the commitment to Uruguay, with enhancing connectivity and logistics to continue generating opportunities and development for the entire country.”

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