What services are affected by the COFE strike?

What services are affected by the COFE strike?

The Confederation of Organizations of State Officials (COFE) perform this Thursday a unemployment 24 hours against the new regime licenses in public administration, a forceful measure that will affect the normal functioning of various services.

The strike questions the brand new system, which establishes a discount on their wages by the certifications, since it contemplates that they have the right to a maximum of nine business days of paid leave due to illness or accident.

To express their discontent, in addition to today’s strike and the mobilization from 10 in front of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), COFE also filed legal actions to request the annulment of the new regime, including a complaint before the International Labor Organization (ILO).

The confederation specified that “all unions will massively support” the measure, questioning “the intransigence of the Executive power” to apply the regime “unilaterally”.

What services are affected by the strike?

Due to the force measure, several services will be affected this Thursday. In the Public Health (ASSE), There will be guards at the national level to attend to emergencies, oncology patients and those admitted to different health centers.

In turn, the INAU It will not provide any services and none of the Inisa central offices will operate, as well as part-time direct care services for children and/or adolescents. There will only be a 24-hour guard for children and adolescents.

State officials Electoral Court will join the strike, while in the Prosecutor’s Office The general public will not be served, folders will not be given to defense attorneys, nor will complaints be taken.

What will happen in the ministries?

The strike will also be felt in the different government departments, which will not provide their services. Specifically, in the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) Public attention will be affected in all executing units and the draw for tickets will not be held. Lotteries and Quinielas.

With respect to Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC) marriages will not take place in the Civil registration and in the General Directorate of Records The purchase and sale services will be affected, receiving only expirations and expirations, while the National Library It will remain closed all day.

In it Ministry of Interior, no office will provide service National Rehabilitation Institute and there will be guard in direct care services in all penitentiary units.

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