SMEs will be able to access innovation advice from ANII and ANDE

SMEs will be able to access innovation advice from ANII and ANDE

The initiative will allow companies selected by competition to develop new growth opportunities.

The National Research and Innovation Agency (ANII) and the National Development Agency (ANDE) will present this Thursday Despegapyme, which has the objective of developing small and medium-sized Uruguayan companies in terms of innovation.

The project will finance 100% of a individual and group counseling of interested companies. In this way, it would be possible to identify development opportunities and lines of action within the framework of an innovation route. The consultations will last three months and will have 75 hours per company. The program will operate under the contest modality and will be open until May 28 on the official ANII website.

When the process ends, companies will have a diagnosis and action plan with recommendations and possible lines to implement in their businesses and incorporate differential value and innovation capabilities into it. For companies to be eligible, they must have their tax obligations up to date and have completed at least 12 months of uninterrupted formal activity.

According to the statement, Despegapyme “seeks to strengthen the capabilities of small and medium-sized companies in our country and provide them with support on the path to innovation. As well as, it tries to “promote a culture that facilitates and encourages the process of generating ideas and knowledge and their transformation into projects. that add value to companies”.

Record companies in 2023

Uruguay closed 2023 with a total of 189,323 active companies, according to data from INE, thus reaching a record since 2018. When evaluating by the type of firm, the microenterprises They are the most numerous, with a total of 161,202. In addition, 21,805 were established in the country little companies, 5,395 medium and 921 big. Regardless of size, all are at their highest peak in the last 6 years.

The survey reflected that in the fourth quarter of last year, 10,267 companies were created, a seasonally adjusted increase of 2.32% and 2.18% compared to the same period of the previous year.

In parallel, there were 7,003 companies that they closed, with a variation of 7.90% compared to the previous quarter and a reduction of 5.40% compared to the same period in 2022. In turn, 8,878 companies started cessation and 1919 they restarted the activities.

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