Bergara marks the field in the political agreement with Orsi

Bergara marks the field in the political agreement with Orsi

The senator and former candidate met with the MPP leader to put on the table the non-negotiable issues that the political proposal must have.

Mario Bergara pointed out the non-negotiable issues in the agreement with Yamandú Orsi to support him in the Uruguayan presidential campaign.

The senator and now former candidate for Frente Amplio, Mario Bergara, he met with Yamandu Orsi, who is still in the internal race for the presidency of Uruguay, with the aim of beginning to plan a “political agreement” that increases the left coalition’s chances of returning to government in 2025.

Bergara had to give in and resign his participation in the internal elections of the Broad Front, but that does not mean that he gave up the search to politically influence the final formula that represents the opposition in October. With the decision to support Orsi —in line with what various groups of Seregnista Progressive Call had already decided previously—the senator raised several issues that must be in the political agreement and that are “the hallmarks of the Seregnista space.”

At a press conference, the senator pointed out that, beyond the “programmatic and ideological” coincidences that he shares with the former mayor of cannelloni and leader of Popular Participation Movement (MPP)considered it necessary to make clear the need to include certain issues in the political settlement after the decline of his pre-candidacy.

What “signs of Seregnista identity” did Bergara put on the table?

At the first work meeting with Orsi, After the conference to make the movements official in the internal Broad Front, Bergara pointed out “the management of the macroeconomic order without confusion, which is the support of any economic, social and cultural development policy, without confusion, eradicating the logic of governments in dispute, of diverse economic teams”, as one of the plants in its space.

“We also emphasize the management of a transparent state, where public organizations are not a platform for political launches,” he added, and also pointed out as necessary “a focus on foreign policy that consolidates the idea that positions must be based on respect for human rights and avoid positions that involve different standards depending on the case.”

“The agreement has to reflect those hallmarks of the seregnista space, which will be the focus of our campaign. And the search for state policies in security and combats social fragmentation,” Bergara highlighted.

Asked about the criticism made by ruling party leaders about the seregnista space losing weight in the Broad Front, and that the election is now “between Tupamaros and communists,” the senator said that they are “cuckoos from the past” who only seek “political and electoral gain.”

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