World leaders ask to avoid an escalation in the Middle East

World leaders ask to avoid an escalation in the Middle East

On Israel’s latest attack on Iranit was reported that an explosion was heard at an airport in the Iranian city of Isfahan, although the cause was not immediately known.

Israel attacked Iran: the request of world leaders

One of those who spoke out after Israel’s offensive was the president of Spain Pedro Sanchez. The president used his X account (formerly Twitter) and wrote: “We must avoid any action that leads to a escalation of conflict in the Middle East“.

And he continued: “The gravity of the moment demands responsibility and containment from all parties. The objective must always be peace and avoid any path that leads to more confrontation. The war must end. “It is imperative that a permanent ceasefire be implemented immediately and that the two-state solution be implemented.”

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Pedro Sánchez’s post.

For its part, France He also called on the detente in the crisis in the Middle East. “The only thing I can say is that France’s position is to ask all actors to reduce tension and act with moderation,” said the French deputy foreign minister, Jean-Noël Barrot on France’s position on the conflict.

Furthermore, after the information about the Israeli attack on Iran, the Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajaniwho chairs on the island of Capri a meeting of his counterparts from the G7called for a “de-escalation.”

“We invite everyone to exercise caution and avoid escalation. The G7 wants a total de-escalation in a region under great tension“, declared the Italian minister to RAI public television.

The G7, the group of major Western powers, is made up of United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan and Italy.

The Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Melanie Joly, claimed to have been “informed of last night’s explosions in Iran” and said they were “following the situation closely.” Through her X her social network, she wrote: “We will address the issue with foreign ministers during the G7 session“.

G7 ministers meet this Friday on the last day of their summit to discuss the Indo-Pacific, but Tajani confirmed that the situation in Iran would be “addressed.”

Tension grows in the Middle East

After last weekend’s attack, Iran declared to the UN Security Council that Israel “must be forced to put an end to any new military adventure against our interests”, while the UN Secretary General warned that the Middle East was in a “moment of maximum danger“.

For its part, Israel had warned that would retaliate against the attack with missiles and drones carried out by Iran on April 13.

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